DAY 3 – Quote Inspiration

The daysare long,but the years are short.

I came across this quote a couple weeks ago and felt like I hadn’t read anything more true in my life! As I’ve adjusted to being a SAHM, there have been days I thought would NEVER end. There have been days I thought I couldn’t be a SAHM anymore and just needed to go back to work. I’ve learned that my patience grows thin very quickly and I’m not the crunchy, artsy-craftsy, perfect mom I thought I could be. But here’s the good news… IT DOESN’T MATTER! It doesn’t matter because my boys know that I love them. My boys know that I would give up anything in my life for them….and I DO. Every day I fight for my children to have happy and HEALTHY lives. Some days this is easier than others. Some days I am overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness. But no matter what, I’ve got to cherish all the time I have with my little boogers because these years fly past, and you can’t get this time back.


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