DAY 9 – An Ideal Day

Well I’m not going to lie…. I had a completely different idea for this post when I read the prompt yesterday. I  was going to talk about a day when my hubby and I could visit a city we had never been to together and just walk around seeing the sights (you know, like they do in those exotic places on The Bachelor?), or maybe the more obvious ideal day when my son had no pain or disease and was able to keep up with all the other kids his age. But as I sit here in the only place I thought I could feel peaceful today (the local library), I find the only thing I can write about is a day when no hateful words will be spewed. A day where we will truly follow the Golden Rule, and a day where we will remember what it really means to be an American. You see, the anxiety that many of you are feeling today, is the anxiety I experience EVERY day. Every day is election day in our household. Do we elect to stick with the doctors we have, or search out second opinions? Do we keep our son on a medicine that could have serious side effects in the future, or take him off and risk permanent joint damage? Do we push him to succeed at everything he does, or allow him leeway because of his condition? I am the only President my son knows right now. I am the only one that can make all of the life changing decisions that will shape his future. So while everyone is out throwing a fit about who won or who lost, I’ll be here making sure my son can still walk tomorrow, and hoping that some day the people of this country can all give each other a little more grace and understanding.


One thought on “DAY 9 – An Ideal Day

  1. Ok, I can’t read these anymore. This one made me emotional. Hits too close to home…. But seriously…. I love it. Great job because in the end that’s what good writing is about. Being able to get your emotions on paper and allowing others to feel it through the words you write.


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